Do you know where trees could be planted?

The right tree in the right place is a joy for ever...

Cheltenham is justly famous for its trees, which make the town a green and pleasant place to live. They improve air quality by taking in carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen into the atmosphere. The huge copper beech that stood in Montpellier Gardens could produce, in one year, sufficient oxygen for at least ten people. Trees provide a perfect shading and cooling system for towns. In addition, as the climate changes, we shall need trees even more to prevent towns becoming very inhospitable places. They are vital too as habitats for birds and other wildlife, and can help prevent flooding and soil erosion. They can also help to hide unsightly views.

All that said, it is not always easy to find suitable locations for trees. This is where local people can play such an important role in improving our environment. If you know of somewhere trees could be planted, please consider taking the initiative and plant some. The best time is the early winter when they are dormant, but before the imminent risk of really cold weather.

If you know of a public place in Cheltenham where trees could advantageously be grown we would be glad to know of it so that we could suggest it to the Council. But bear in mind that although it might be possible for us to supply the trees and hopefully help with the planting, regrettably our resources will not stretch to providing subsequent maintenance in public areas except in the case of the Cox's Meadow oaks.




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