About our organisation

Each year we spend time and resources obtaining and looking after trees.  We take an active interest in any issues involving trees in the Cheltenham area, and our tree warden regularly reviews proposals for work to local trees as part of the Borough Council's planning consent process. 

We have a nursery at the Midwinter allotments in Gardners Lane and our volunteers spend time planting and looking after young saplings for distribution the next year.

We are a group who believe in trees and the environment.

Cheltenham Tree Group was founded in 1987 by a small group of tree enthusiasts - by no means are we all experts! Our aims are to preserve, propagate and facilitate planting of trees in the Cheltenham area (and sometimes our whips and saplings go farther afield). We have a nursery plot where the trees are tended until they find permanent homes, usually by the time they reach one to two metres, although we may be able to advise on obtaining larger specimens.


Usually we have approx. 500 seedlings, whips and saplings in stock. There is a good selection, mainly native species, and we supply approx. one third of our stock each winter season. The trees go mainly to schools, playing fields and local community projects, not forgetting several voluntary groups working on nature conservation. We are also happy to supply single trees, or more to individuals. The trees are offered on a “Dig Your Own” basis (with help from our very small work force). They are supplied bare-rooted for planting from November to March, the best time being before Christmas, giving time for establishment of a good root system before spring growth starts. 

The annual membership subscription of £5 covers administration costs. We send several newsletters per year, and welcome new members, whether active or not.  Additional occasional helpers are not expected to become members, although we hope they will do so.

We make no fixed charge for our trees, but rely on donations in exchange for them. As we believe in the slogan 'Think globally, act locally  any funds raised (over and above our immediate needs) are channelled to tree charities at home and abroad. Our particular interests are in funding villagers in the Sahara region of Africa through SOS Sahel, enabling them to plant and manage shelter belt trees to hold back the encroaching desert and provide food crops and fuel and also in The Gambia through GEPADG, an association dedicated to maintaining and improving the local woodland and mangrove areas. Donations should be sent to the Treasurer and cheques made payable to Hilary Beale.

If you need trees, please contact Bob on 01242 516469.

Helpers are needed.  We welcome active people, who enjoy fresh air and exercise in good company of any age. As well as summer weeding and mulching, we are busy in winter, planting new seedlings, whips and saplings, transplanting some to give more space, and supplying trees to clients. No experience is necessary - transport and tools can be provided. All our work is voluntary.

Please use our People page or email Bob Beale at r.beale@btinternet.com .



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