Cheltenham Tree Group

We are a local group keen to promote the growth of trees in Cheltenham.  We aim to work hand in hand with the local authority to keep a check on the health of the town's trees and to encourage new planting.

In winter we have trees available for sale on a 'dig your own' basis from our nursery at Midwinter Allotments, Gardeners Lane, CheltenhamWinter is the best time of year to plant trees as they are in their dormant stage. Our trees are normally available from the end of November until mid February.

We have a variety of young native deciduous trees available, which are suitable for hedging, woodlands, gardens, schools and playing fields. Trees are supplied bare-rooted and are normally exchanged for a donation. P
lease call Peter on 01242 578983 to arrange an appointment.  All proceeds will be used to support tree-planting initiatives in the developing world. 

We have been providing trees and hedging for many years, including these which are growing  in  Apperley and Deerhurst


If you have any interesting photos of trees in Cheltenham or elsewhere, please send us a copy.  Any additional information, such as when or where the photo was taken and by whom, and/or type of tree(s) would also be good.  We'd particularly be interested in photos of any trees supplied by the tree group

We hope to compile a gallery of the tree photos and add them to the website.  Please forward your photos to


To grow and promote the trees in Cheltenham.

To assist projects in tree planting all over the town.

To use money collected from donations to provide trees for various projects in the developing world.

The money raised by our tree sales goes to various tree-planting initiatives such as this mangrove planting in the Gambia:

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